The Top 5 Blog Posts of 2021

By Hollyanna Bates

As CCIRA has faced many of the same challenges schools have faced in 2021, one theme has emerged: innovate. Our organization has had to reinvent itself numerous times over the 50 plus years since we began. As we continue to look for ways to add value to the lives of literacy educators, we are grateful for our community. The audience who reads this blog does so with a passion for learning and teaching. Our blog is shared widely on social media and between colleagues so that we can all benefit from each blogger’s expertise. Each guest blogger brings a different lens with which to view literacy teaching and learning. We are indebted to each of our bloggers of 2021, who squeezed in writing time amid many other tasks. These literacy experts gave a gift that will continue giving as the posts are reread in the months and years that follow. Each year our audience grows, expanding the reach of CCIRA. Below you will find the Top 5 Blog Posts of 2021, listed by order of popularity.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Johns via Unsplash.
  1. The Ted Lasso Effect:  How to Build Capacity with Warmth, Wisdom, and Walk-Throughs by Julie Wright
  2. Using Inquiry-Rich Invitations to Ignite Word Learning Across ALL Grades by Pam Koutrakos
  3. Share Small Moments: Priming Students to Tell Their Stories by By Nawal Qarooni Casiano
  4. Reflection and Discovery: The Power of Reading Identity in Independent Reading by Dr. Jennifer Scoggin and Hannah Schneewind
  5. Using Robust Practices to Nurture Successful, Engaged Readers by Judy Wallis

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