The Heavy Hitters of 2018

by Hollyanna Bates

The CCIRA blog is a little over a year old.  In just fourteen months our audiences have enjoyed a broad range of topics related to literacy, professional development, achievement, and of course, the passivity of Peppa Pig.  Guest bloggers were classroom teachers, coaches, literacy specialists, national speakers, published authors, university professors, principals and administrators. Many guest bloggers will present sessions at the 2019 CCIRA Conference on Literacy this February.  Below is a list of the heavy hitters; the posts which were shared across social media channels and were most popular with our readers.

10. Media Literacy vs. Fake News by Meenoo Rami

9.  Let’s Think Broadly About Digital Literacy by Eric Sheninger

8.  Writing on Behalf of our Friend and Teacher, History by Sara Ahmed

7.  Teach Like an Expert: Using the EMPOWER Model by Adam Fachler and Jeffrey Wilhelm

6.  Defining Core Instruction by Morgan Davis

5.  Playing the School Game Without Sacrificing Our Star Players by Mary Howard

4.  Equity Matters by Regie Routman

3.  The Importance of Being a Teacher-Writer by Stacey Shubitz

2.  “Read it Again”-The Joy of Shared Writing by Katie Keier

1.  The Profound Wrongness of Peppa Pig by Maggie Beattie Roberts and Kate Roberts


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2 thoughts on “The Heavy Hitters of 2018”

  1. The CCIRA blog is a treasure! Thank you, Hollyanna, for facilitating this valuable professional development. I know many this blog informed and inspired many educators this past year. Your work is appreciated.

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  2. So humbled to be included in this list. Would love to keep the conversation about core instruction open. It is a fluid construct, like so much in our profession. Thanks to all who contribute to this virtual space. Hope to see so many of you at the conference next month!


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